Asar Studios' photography is a simple combination of elegance and light. I merge classical portraiture with unobtrusive photojournalism. My photographic imagery tells a vibrant story. 


About Ahmet Asar, as an artist

Ahmet Asar (Kurdish American, b. 1971)

Ahmet Asar was born in a Kurdish region of Turkey. He is a self-taught versatile Kurdish American contemporary artist widely known for his landscape paintings, illustration, photography, and conceptual art whose vividly artistic work evinces an arresting clarity. He is based in Chicago and owns Asar Studios. With his remarkable precision and hypnotic, dazzling use of color, Asar occurs as an artist who intuitively understands that the act of painting is equal parts restraint and joy.


His vibrant and delicate abstract paintings are reductivist compositions that explore the relationships between concept, color, tone, form, and texture that plays out across the canvas. His unique art has transformed the living space of many homes and businesses around the world with positive energy and contemporary appeal. He is painting a highly textured body of work that is entirely abstract and individual. Ahmet uses vivid colors in a vigorous application to represent natural beauty around him.  In addition to creating art he regularly writes inspirational messages about connecting to the creative expression within.


His paintings reflect his passion for landscapes and the fauvist movement. Painting the fabulous landscapes that he has crossed through, Asia, Europe and the Americas is one way to continue the journey! He is inspired by the colors, the shapes, and the great textures of the world around him.


Communicating sensation through figuration has always been a central theme in his work. He never tire of the endless challenges and opportunities the human form presents. And by combining the figure with bold graphic elements, an invisible, layered reality emerges. Concentric circles echo the rippling of water and heighten the already charged world the figures inhabit.


Ahmet Asar is an original, following the ever-winding road that an artist must travel. His pursuit of genuine experience, self-expression, and a balanced life places him outside of the current and into a place that fosters a unique artist’s voice. His paintings are

 rich in colors, textures and depth.


His Artistic Techniques:

He loves to translate his perception of the reality into a personal vision. His bold palette knife work and use of intense colors allow him to communicate emotions as well as opposing themes such as serenity and exaltation. He loves to use pure pigments, as they are very warm and useful for catching and retaining light. Palettes knives, brushes offering unique textures and outcomes, a multitude of tools are useful to liberate his artistic cravings and expression. From soft sketches to some more abstract impasto touch and sometime impressionist, everything is a reason to paint.


The aggressive handling of palette knife and paint mimic the fluidity and energy of the subject matter. He is constantly striving to represent form with fewer strokes and a simpler palette, engaging the viewer to complete the piece in their own minds eye. His paintings are textural impressionist, abstract figurative, with references to expressionism and fauvism



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