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1929 Santa Fe, barco a vapor Rio Magdalena, Colombia1929 Vapor Santa Fe, Barranquilla, ColombiaA FWD Model B lorry Towing a 6-inch 30cwt howitzer near Mametz July 1916 colorized by Ahmet AsarA view of the Mare Island Navy Yard waterfront in 1895  colorized by Ahmet AsarA view of the Mare Island Navy Yard waterfront in 1895.AD-1 Skyraider of Attack Squadron (VA) 64 on the deck of the USS Coral Sea (CVB 43) In the Atlantic  colorized by Ahmet Asar.AF Bristol Blenheim Mk IV 226th squadron over England 18th August 1941 colorized by Ahmet AsarAlpine Lanscape 3Am Fusse des Eiffelturms, Paris, Frankreich, 1937Apricot flower from Pomona Italiana illustrationArras in 1918 colorized by Ahmet AsarB Aerotransport DC-3 Orren, SE-BBL, in winter. Renamed Loke Viking when incorporated into SAS in 1948-1949.B-17 Flying Fortress (42-5725) Named (This is IT) from the 381st Bomb Group opens her bomb bay doors during a missionB-17 Flying Fortress from the 351st Bomber Squadron of the US 100th Bomber covered in snow at a British airfield in the Thorpe Abbotts area December 1944B-17G-50-VE (44-48167) from the 96th Bomber Squadron of the 2nd Bomber Group of the 15th Air Army dropping bombs on a target in Italy 1944.British cruiser HMS Edinburgh (16) on the Tyne River after trials in the North Sea 1939Cityscape with River, 1930sCollege Street, Winchester, with the house in which Jane Austen spent the last few weeks of her lifecolorized-imageConsolidated PBY-5 Catalina returns from patrol landing at Attu in Aleutian July 1943.