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Almonds and figsAlpine Flowers field watercolor by Ahmet AsarAlpine Tulips field watercolor 2020 by Ahmet AsarAlpine Tulips watercolor 2020 by Ahmet AsarApplesBerries and flowersBlood Moon over Banff, Canada watercolor by Ahmet Asarmonika-grabkowska-VSYjkfzj3nw-unsplashMoon over Grand Canyon watercolor ca 2019 by Ahmet AsarMountain Range over desert watercolor by Ahmet AsarNorthern Lights and Full Moon over Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, Italy in a starry night watercolor ca 2019 by Ahmet AsarOlives and Olive OilPeonies in a vaseSunrise Italian Alps valley watercolor ca 2019 by Ahmet Asar